About Us

Private health Clinic “Life” is the first institution for In Vitro Fertilization in Montenegro. It started working on April 1, 2003.

In early 2002, with the support of the Ministry of Health, the Government of the Republic of Montenegro started a training project for the opening of the first institution for In Vitro Fertilization in Montenegro. The General Hospital in Maribor, Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology was selected as a reference institution for education. Mentoring prof. Dr. Veljko Vlaisavljević (head of the department and senior advisor at the Ministry of Health of Slovenia) in this field and Dr Borut Kovačić embryologist (the creator of the first Slovenian baby from the tube-ICSI method) was of valuable importance to our experts. Two-year educational stay in Maribor Dr. Nebojša Čejović gynecologist and Darka Pajović biologist embryologist transferred the knowledge gained in this renowned institution to the healthcare of Montenegro resulting in the isolation of the first egg cell in In Vitro conditions (laboratory conditions) and the creation of the first human embryo in the history of Montenegrin medicine and embryology. Nine months after the creation of the first human embryo in laboratory conditions, Marija Popovic, the first Montenegrin baby from the tube, was born. This was the beginning of work in this area in Montenegro, and a historical moment for Montenegrin medicine and science in general. Since then, many people from Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Great Britain, Denmark, Russia and the USA have been looking for assistance in our Clinic.

Clinic LIFE can provide patients with all the conditions and level of work identical to the most successful institutions in the world. The equipment we have is the “last word” of modern technology, while the conditions for work are above the standards of many successful clinics in Europe. In In Vitro Fertilization we are doing all of the methods that exist: IVF-classical fertilization method, ICSI-microfertilization, TESA and TESE procedures for the most severe forms of male sterility, (when there is no spermatozoa in the seed sample). The clinic also offers freezing of the embryos, seeds, as well as complete gynaecological diagnostics.

Important Dates For Our Institution

  • 2003. The first institution for In Vitro Fertilisation is Started in Montenegro
  • 2004. The first “baby from the tube” was born in Montenegro (IVF procedure)
  • 2005. The first “baby from the tube” in Montenegro (ICSI procedure)


  • Europian Society for Human Reproduction and Embriology (ESHRE), (dr. Nebojsa Čejovic and Darko Pajović, from 2005.)
  • Europian Monitoring for IVF, from 2004.)